Nov   8-10                       East Sussex Intergroup Convention                                         Eastbourne

Nov       17                      Solent Intergroup Convention                                                  Coldbury

Dec       21                      East Kent Convention                                                                Ashford


Jan      3-5                      Brighton Intergroup Convention                                              Brighton

Jan        19                     SER Assembly and Workshops                                                Burgess Hill

Feb  21-23                     Southdown Intergroup Convention                                          Isle of Wight

March  15                     SER Assembly and Pre Conference                                          Burgess Hill

June 6th West Kent Convention Aylesfrod

June 27th Northdown Convention Shawford

June     28                      SER Assembly and Post Conference                                       Burgess Hill

July 19th West Sussex Convention Burgess Hill

Sept 4-6th Southern National Convention Hayling Island

Sept      20                     SER Assembly and Workshops                                                 Burgess Hill

Oct 25th Portsmouth Convention Portsmouth

Sept  25-26                    Archive Network Meeting                                                          York

Nov 15th Solent Convention Colbury

Nov       22                     SER     AGM    and  Conscience Meeting                                 Burgess Hill